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We provide comprehensive system development services that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape

Rapid System & App Development

Experience unparalleled speed in system and app development with our expertise in rapid solutions. We bring your visions to life faster than you can imagine.

AI Technology Stack Automation

Revolutionize your business with our AI Technology Stack Automation. We specialize in AI development and seamless integration.


Code On The Go, Even in Space

Our development team excel in expediting project timelines, consistently delivering results faster than deadlines.


Machine Learning with Cosine Similarity

Harness the power of AI to uncover patterns and relationships within data, while our expertise in cosine similarity ensures accurate similarity measurements.

Who we are

Founded in 2010 by Two Full-stack Developers Who Simply ♥ to Code

Our journey began in a small mahallah room, fueled by late-night coffee sessions and big dreams. Today, our passion has evolved into a dynamic tech company, but our core remains unchanged: we code with love, we innovate with purpose, and we believe that technology can make the world a better place.

Over the years, our commitment has always been to deliver exceptional and forward-thinking solutions to our clients. We value creativity, dedication, and the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Whether you're a partner, a client, or a fellow enthusiast, we're thrilled to have you with us on this journey. Together, let’s shape the future and turn visions into reality!

Mohd Zharif Draman

Co-Founder | Managing Director

Collaborations and partnership

To pioneer a connected, secure, and intelligent future, where technology's full potential is seamlessly integrated into every facet of life and business.
We empower businesses to navigate the digital frontier with unmatched expertise. From AI-driven solutions to the security of blockchain, we are committed to transforming ideas into cutting-edge solutions. Harnessing the power of Big Data, IoT, and Machine Learning, we aim to bridge gaps, ignite innovation, and drive sustainable growth for our partners.
1. Integrity & Trustworthiness (Amanah): Our technological endeavors are grounded in the principle of Amanah. We take our responsibility seriously, ensuring that every solution we deliver is reliable, trustworthy, and serves its intended purpose.

2.Beneficial Knowledge (Ilm): Embracing the Prophetic saying, "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave," we prioritize continuous learning, staying at the forefront of technological advancements to serve our partners better.

3. Community-Centric Innovation (Ummah): We design technology not just for individual success, but for the betterment of the broader community. Our solutions aim to uplift, connect, and contribute to societal progress.

4. Ethical Transactions (Halal Tijarat): Every business endeavor we undertake is guided by the ethics of fair and transparent dealings. We ensure our services bring about mutual benefit, devoid of deceit or hidden agendas.

5. Sustainable Growth (Istiqama): Inspired by the principle of steadfastness, we commit to providing tech solutions that are not only innovative but also sustainable, ensuring long-term benefits for our clients.

6. Compassionate Tech (Rahmah): Technology, at its core, should make lives better. We strive to create tools and services infused with compassion, aiming for a harmonious balance between tech advancement and human touch.

"In The Rich Tapestry of Islamic Tradition

There lies a profound respect for knowledge, innovation, and ethical enterprise. It's with this inspiration that our company was founded. As we delve deep into the realms of technology, our compass remains the timeless principles of integrity, compassion, and community upliftment. Every solution we design, every challenge we embrace, is with an aspiration to reflect the ethos of our faith while serving the diverse needs of the global community.

At the crossroads of tradition and modernity, we seek not just to innovate but to enlighten, to build bridges of understanding, and to pave pathways towards a more harmonious and interconnected future. May our journey be one that adds value, nurtures trust, and exemplifies the best of both worlds."

Imran Yusof

Co-Founder | Technology Director

In the intricate designs of Mechanical & Electrical engineering, I see reflections of the universe's inherent order and balance.

Ir. Mohd Norazman Bin Mohd Sharkawi

Co-Founder | Executive Director

As an engineer in M&E, I've learned that solutions must harmonize form and function, much like the beautiful synchronicity that exists in creation. Our company's philosophy is rooted in this equilibrium.

We strive to blend the precision of engineering with the moral compass of our faith. Just as every circuit and system in M&E is meticulously designed for optimal performance, we, too, meticulously craft our technology solutions to empower, connect, and elevate humanity.

Drawing from the deep wells of Islamic ethics and the rigor of engineering principles, we are committed to building a future that's not only technologically advanced but also ethically sound and sustainable. Join us on this journey, where timeless values meet cutting-edge innovation.


Your Partner for Truly Prominent IT Solutions.

Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting services bridge the gap between ambition and innovation, offering tailored solutions for your unique challenges. We guide businesses through the digital landscape, ensuring optimal tech integration, strategic development, and seamless transformation. Partner with us and transform your visions into technological reality.

Software Development

Our System Development services blend innovative design with robust functionality, turning ideas into powerful digital tools. From conceptualization to deployment, we ensure each system is tailored to enhance your operational efficiency. Entrust us with your vision, and we'll deliver solutions built for tomorrow's challenges, today.

AI-driven Integration

We merge artificial intelligence with any existing systems, streamlining processes and predicting outcomes. Our services not only enhance efficiency but open doors to new possibilities. Dive into a future where data-driven insights meet seamless integration, and let our expertise transform your business landscape. Embrace intelligence, redefine innovation.

Big Data Analytics

Harness the power of vast data volumes, turning raw information into strategic advantage. Our expertise demystifies complex datasets, revealing patterns, trends, and opportunities. Empower your decisions with precision, drive innovation, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Let data be your guide, and our analytics be your compass.

IoT-driven Machine Learning

We integrate the brilliance of IoT with machine learning, enabling devices to evolve, adapt, and improve autonomously. Our services transform ordinary hardware into intelligent entities, capable of real-time decision-making and predictive analysis. Elevate your operations, optimize efficiencies, and usher in an era of smart interconnected solutions. Be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Blockchain Development

We craft secure, decentralized systems that redefine transparency and trust in digital transactions. Our expertise spans from creating robust cryptocurrencies to bespoke smart contracts. With us, empower your business with unyielding security, traceability, and peer-to-peer collaboration. Witness the evolution of digital infrastructure, rooted in authenticity.

Strategic Partners

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Empower your digital presence with our strategic partnership with AWS, a global cloud computing leader. Leverage cutting-edge infrastructure for seamless system performance and scalability. Benefit from AWS's secure cloud solutions, including hosting, storage, and data management, to elevate your online impact.

Minfy Tech

Proudly partnered with Minfy Tech, an esteemed AWS Premium Partner. Together, we offer seamless data migration and expertly crafted cloud architecture frameworks, ensuring your digital journey is innovative, efficient, and secure. Elevate your online presence with our combined expertise.


The Asia Center of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES) will spearhead the Industry 4.0 revolution in ECER and the ASEAN region. Based in Cybercentre in Pahang Technology Park, ACES is a joint initiative of ECERDC and TUM International GmbH, a world leader in developing and operating scientific and industrial sites as well as technology transfer centres.


We collaborate with UNICERT as their technology partner, co-developing an advanced bow-tie risk analysis system for the oil and gas sector. Our expertise enhances their industry-leading approach, ensuring comprehensive risk management and operational excellence.

From our Case studies

Our Key Projects


JKR Sarawak

System Development of the JKRDash System utilizing our ProLRM system as the backend, encompassing comprehensive data migration services to facilitate the seamless transition of projects to a fully cloud-based environment.


Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Sarawak
ASID Mobile App

Mobile Application Development by ASID, inclusive of seamless GIS integration, coupled with comprehensive data migration services tailored for projects transitioning to a fully cloud-based environment.

Pilot Project Success


Develop a management application that seamlessly integrates ERP, investment, and project monitoring modules into a unified, single sign-on system including data migration services to a fully cloud-based infrastructure.

Pilot Project Success

Project Dashboard

Develop an advanced project dashboard using ProLRM, seamlessly integrated with MicroStation for efficient data conversion. This integration will pave the way for comprehensive automation, encompassing cloud data migration services.

"Proudly developed in Malaysia"

Products & Solutions

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